User Specific Slow Mode

I'm wondering if it would be possible to have something like slow-mode but for specific users?

There's already some platform wide rate-limiting to this extent:

But I would love to be able to apply a slow mode to a specifc user(in a nice way).

Primary goal of this is to prevent them disrupting the existing user-base and culture by over-enthusiastically posting poor quality content. Secondary goal is to ensuring we don't stiffle their enthusiasm to contribute. We simply want them to take a step back and think about a little more before posting.

I feel like Silencing would be extreme and unwelcoming. The case for slow mode would be for the type of user wants to make positive and meaningful contributions, they just need a bit more time to learn how to do that.

Being able to rate-limit a particular user to n number of responses in a given time frame would reduce our moderation effort, reduce the disruptive impact of their posting, whilst also saying to the user "Hey, we love your enthusiasm. If you could take a bit of time to refine your topics they would provide a lot more value to the users you are sharing the platform with and get more valuable responses."

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