Use the Discourse API ruby gem

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So you want to use Discourse API? Great! Let's get started.

Set up Discourse development environment

Set up Discourse development environment using our Windows, OS X or Ubuntu guide.

Clone Discourse API Gem

Now that you have set up Discourse development environment, you should already have Git and Ruby installed on your system. You can install Discourse API gem by running following command from console:

git clone ~/discourse_api

Install dependencies

Open the discourse_api directory and type:

bundle install

This will install any required gem dependencies.

Generate Master API Key

Generate Master API Key for your Discourse instance by visiting /admin/api, to interact with Discourse API.

Provide API Credentials

Now that you have cloned Discourse API gem and generated master API key, let's start using it!

Open the discourse_api/examples/example.rb file, and modify following information:

client ="http://localhost:3000")
client.api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"
client.api_username = "YOUR_USERNAME"

Replace http://localhost:3000 with the url of your discourse instance, eg:

Replace YOUR_API_KEY with the master API key of your discourse instance, eg: b1f3175cb682b3e9b6ca419db77772120b19af993cbc14ebed80fea08e3bbd66

Replace YOUR_USERNAME with the Admin username of your discourse instance, eg: codinghorror

Access Discourse API

Now in console, from discourse_api directory run:

ruby examples/example.rb

This command will print out latest topics from your Discourse instance.

That's it. Start using Discourse API today.


Additional Resources:
Discourse API Documentation

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