Roll the Upcoming Events and an Events topic view into one page

I’ve got a dedicated events category, which now sorts absolutely brilliantly thanks to some great work by the CDCK team over the last year. It can display a calendar too, which is really good.
However, we do have three moderate issues that remain:

It is tricky to get a topic list of all (accessible) events in the site

the Upcoming Events calendar does this, but without a topic list
I need to tag every event and then surface a tag list to achieve this (I’m sure that is automatable but it is a bit messy)

If I have a calendar in my Events category, people get confused by which calendar to use.

also, it takes up a lot of page real estate, making the topic list difficult to read.

People constantly ask me why the Site Events and the Site Calendar are on different pages

Suggestion 1

When a calendar is displayed in a Category, it is dismissable / shrinkable

Suggestion 2

That there is a sitewide calendar / topic list (also with a dismissable / shrinkable calendar) that functions the same way

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