Management of new tags created by category moderators

Category moderators can be assigned to specific categories, which is great. They have permission to create new tags but they cannot manage tag groups to organize them. Also, if the category moderators are unfamiliar with the system and topics well, they might create confusing tags. As these tags are visible to everyone, it is essential to review the new tags for regrouping and editing if needed. Even though site admins/moderators can view all tags and organize them, it is not possible to filter new tags and implement them properly in the system.

In my view, this can be improved in several ways (you may vote for):

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=3 public=true chartType=bar]

  • The "All tags" page should be improved to filter tags based on their creation date and creator.
  • New tags created by the category moderators should only be visible for their respective categories, especially if the category is not open.
  • New tags should be reviewed by site moderators/admins before being visible to everyone.[/poll]

Is there a way to achieve any of these functionalities? If not, does it look relevant to implement these features? These features are similarly applicable if trusted users create new tags.

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