Discourse needs better search

Ok, I totally realize this is a non-constructive complaint but…
Discourse really, really needs better search functionality.
After all those years I still see myself resorting to Google every time I need to find something. Today I was looking for the exact options in a theme settings.yml.
Normal search:

Ok let’s enable AI

sighs Ok, let’s go to Google.

Bingo. Immediately found what I was looking for.
Revisiting the inside-Discourse-search, the topic I was looking for is the 25th result when “sort by relevance” is enabled, 19th place when AI is enabled.
Other examples: “ad plugin” does not give me the plugin topic in the first 70 (!) results, while “meta.discourse.org ad plugin” in Google gives me an immediate hit.
(I thought, maybe I’ve been using the wrong terms but “advertising plugin” gives me the topic in the 9th place with in-Discourse search, 17th when enabling AI.)

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