Discoruse AI - Chat Integration

Discourse AI allows you to integrate with chat, enabling powerful conversational interactions with AI personas.

Enabling Chat for a Persona

To enable chat for a persona, follow these steps:

  1. Set Allow Chat to true on the persona. This will allow the persona to receive direct messages (DMs).

  2. Optionally, enable mentions for the persona. This will allow users in allowed groups to @mention the AI bot in channels.

:information_source: Persona must:

  1. Have a User defined and created
  2. Have a Default Language Model selected for chat to be enabled.

Tips for Configuring Chat Personas

When configuring a persona for chat, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Max Context Posts: Chat messages tend to be short, so consider increasing the Max Context Posts setting to a higher number for personas focused on mentions. This will allow the AI to maintain more context from previous messages.

  • Default LLM and User: Chat can only be enabled on a persona if you enable both a default LLM (language model) and user. Make sure to properly configure these settings.

  • PM-based Features: All features available for PM-based personas are also available for chat personas. However, the optional advanced debugging information displayed in PMs is not shown in chat.

Auditing Chat Interactions

Auditing chat interactions can be a bit more challenging compared to other methods. However, ai_api_audit_logs will still have full logs of all chat interactions. You can query these logs using the Data Explorer in Discourse.

Chat Behavior

When interacting with chat personas, keep the following behavior in mind:

  • DM: A new thread will be unconditionally created for every new message sent to the bot via DM.

  • Channel: When replying directly to a message in a channel and threading is enabled, a new thread will be created. Otherwise, the reply will be added to the channel.

For more context and additional information, refer to the Discourse AI Persona Guide.