Add "additional topics per day multiplier" to site_settings.yml

the site_settings.yml config allows setting various rate limits, such as max topics per day and max likes per day. it also naturally allows giving more of those to higher-TL users, with lines such as tlX_additional_likes_per_day_multiplier.however, one option is, in my opinion, clearly missing: tlX_additional_topics_per_day_multiplier.this means the max topics per day count is flat across all TLs. so either you set a low limit, restricting members with higher TLs like 3 and 4 from posting all that much, or you set a high limit, allowing members with low TLs like 1 to spam new fact, I am writing this post after a TL1 user created 10 new topics (and counting) in a single day in a forum I'm in, and the mods did not know what to do to prevent such things from happening again.

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