Silence and suspend reason messages could be DMs

I've found myself wanting to find logs of the communication with users regarding their silencing and/or suspension. While an email is sent to the offending user with the reason (I think?) I'm not able to see this message in the system (as far as I can see). Even the email logs don't show the message itself. Further, if the user used a disposable email address, they might never get the message.

It'd be great if Discourse would just use a direct message akin to an "official warning" instead of (or perhaps in addition to) the direct and unobservable email.

Yes, I'm aware the reason is stored in the DB, and that you can access it manually. But that's not necessarily the message the user received.

This has been noted as a cause for confusion in the past, — and I think this feature request would help address that confusion.

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