Personal Markdown Notebooks for Users

I am self-hosting and building a community for educational purposes, and I came across some topics here in which users explain how they use Discourse as their personal notebook. However, that clearly has its limitations, so I got this idea...

Perhaps there could be a feature implemented so that each user can have their own personal/private markdown notebook? Here are some general ideas I have on how this proposed feature could work.

  • Enabled only for selected groups.This would play extremely well with the #subscriptions and #ai plugins so that, for example, subscribers gain the ability to make their own AI notes.
  • Limitation toggles.In order to reduce server load, limitations per group could be set. For example: Group A can have 5GB of storage space in their notebook but Group B can have 10GB.
  • Organized structure.The structure of this plugin could be similar to that of Microsoft OneNote, with each notebook being able to have multiple sections.
  • File Compatibilities.Users would be able to attach files to notes: pdf, mp3, etc. and there could be an integrated simple pdf viewer.
  • Finer integration with Discourse AI.AI bot can automatically summarize an entire discussion in chat or PM and save the summary to a notebook page. etc. etc.
  • Is this feasible?Considering the vast amount of open source note-taking applications, such as Obsidian and Joplin, I suspect that it could be quick and easy to get a jumpstart on developing this feature. Needless to say, this has the potential to bring good revenue — the forum/AI/notebook trio!

Let me know what you all think! Maybe we can flesh out something more specific and develop a more refined idea!

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