Make "smart list" feature optional

A feature was recently added to the post composer that causes the markup for a new list item to automatically be injected into the editor when the user presses Enter:

Please add a setting to enable or disable the feature.

As someone who frequently works with multi-level lists and multi-line list items, I find this "feature" to be very annoying. The time I spend fighting against incorrect markup injected by this feature (I speak from long experience with the same feature on GitHub, so this is not a matter of "just give it time and you'll grow to like it") is far more than the insignificant amount of time it would take for the keypresses to add the markup manually.

I'm sure some people will find such a feature valuable, but this sort of thing should always be made optional.

Because of this feature being forced on my forum, I will now be forced to compose my posts using an external editor rather than being able to use the convenient Discourse post composer.

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