Feature request: show TL3 requirements to people that have reached TL3 in the past

What I'm referring to is this page

I understand why it might be a undesirable thing to show someone the TL3 requirements - because they can just do the bare minimum inorganically to race to complete the requirements.

But a reoccurring issue I'm having is users who were TL3 suddenly not meeting the requirements after 100 days. And from their perspective, for no reason. I've had at least 3 people directly ask me if I removed them from TL3 intentionally (which means many more people who may think the same but never say anything). And usually it's because of a singular requirement but being met (like above).

So what I would like is some way for the users who dropped TL3 -> TL2 to see the exact requirements they no longer meet. They would have already reached TL3 organically in the past so this speedrun gamification isn't a concern.

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