Discourse_theme gem should show urls on watch update?

While developing a theme, I found myself having to scroll up a few times to get the URL that I could use for the tests(http://localhost:4200/theme-qunit?id=4), and before using localhost, I was using the theme remotely. In both cases, I had to scroll my terminal in the hopes of finding this piece:

I wished there was a way, maybe via feature flag, to after printing the Done! Watching for changes... it prints the URL or changes a little bit the text to be:

» Detected changes in /spec/system/custom_category_group_spec.rb, uploading theme to URL✔ Done! Watching for changes...

On a side note, a thing I've missed in this CLI tool was the -o / --open option in watch, to open the browser, similar to what Vite and Angular have

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