Adding a 'Muted' button to individual threads in the thread list

I know nothing about Discourse (or any forum software developer) so please bear with me. There's a feature I'd like to have in the MSFS forum. I asked this question and was asked by a Moderator to see if I could find a plugin to make it happen:

"Would it be possible to add a ‘Muted’ option to each thread in the list so I don’t have to open the thread, then navigate to the end of the thread to access that option?"

Currently, I have to open a thread, scroll all the way to the bottom, open the 'Tracking' dropdown, and select 'Muted.'

I'd like to have a button added to each topic in a list that would make it easier to mute threads I no longer wish to track. It would look something like this:

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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